Safari for Windows: OKish

Perhaps it’s just the novelty, but the new Safari browser for Windows has not been irritating me. My incessant whining about Windows browsers may temporarily stop. (In case you missed it, my whining is along the lines of: Firefox 2 has memory leaks, IE7 is clunky and insecure, IE6 is just disgusting, no one supports Opera, Firefox 3 is in super early betas, etc etc.)Of course, the big problem is that nothing can possibly beat Firefox’s massive selection of plugins. Firebug, Web Developer plugin, toolbar: the list goes on. So the whole situation is like telling a kid that he can’t visit his favorite candy store because they have this small problem with a leaking gas pipe. Please, Firefox, just fix the memory issues and I will never stray again. Until then, Safari for Windows is not bad.

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